July 20, 2016

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Dorm packing list

It's that time of year again... more

Student loans, bursaries and scholars

Every post secondary educational institution has a financial aid office ... more

Flu Season + Reyes Syndrome

If you don't already know, you shouldn't take Aspirin if you are under the age of 25, when... more

It's getting dark outside earlier ... should you be taking vitamin D?

There has been recent research that suggests that there is a link between vitamin D deficiency and multiple sclerosis, especially people living in Northern climates such as Canada, where shortened days mean less vitamin D absorbed from the sun. more

Do you have a power of attorney in place?

Are you traveling this summer or in the near future? If so, you might want to put ... more

Antibiotics when taken in conjunction with birth control pills, can make the birth control pills ineffective!!!

...not only while taking the antibiotic, but also ... more

A knocked out tooth was saved with the information from this book!

Yes! We have a report in of a tooth being saved ... more

Are you leaving your current apartment at the end of this month?

If you are leaving your apartment vacant for the summer or are moving to new digs, you should call your cable and ... more

Are you prepared for dorm inspection?

In most dorms you are not allowed to use tacks or pins in the walls ... more

Roast Turkey

Not making it home for the weekend? Here's how to cook your own bird ... more

Do you know your minifridge will be mouldy if not properly stored for the summer?

With minimum effort, your fridge will smell like new
when you return in the fall ...

Do you know the simple rhyme to save you from the agony of poison ivy?

Poison ivy tends to grow at the edge of fields and woodlands. Here's a handy rhyme to help you identify it ... more

Summer is almost here and some of you may be travelling, to exotic locales.

Do you know the simple rule for eating foods?...more

You can feed yourself quality protein without meat

You don't always need to eat meat to find good sources of protein... more


Don't buy your textbooks at the store until ... more

Are you prepared to sign a rental contract?

Looking for an apartment? There are many details written into a contract. We'll give you an important tip here before you sign ... more

What are you looking for in an apartment?

If you are still searching for that perfect apartment, here are a few things to keep in mind when making your choice ... more

Did you know that if you lease a car it will be considered an asset by OSAP?

If you are a graduate student in need of finacial aid, typically you will receive a grant for the portion over 7000.00 that includes your tuition to a total of 12,000.00 for grant and loan. However ... more


Do you have any little four legged critters in your new apartment? Wonder where they came in? This may surprise you... more

This site started as a support for the book ...goingsolo, but it has morphed into a site to offer extra tips and tricks of navigating through the first years away from home. We'll include some topics from the book plus some others that aren't. The site will be updated regularly, so come back often.


A new site about finding the best in Toronto

One young woman's journey to make her life greener, one day at a time.

Great site for sharing ideas. My favourite now ... Ken Robinson.

All things environmental.

Need metric conversions fast? This is the place.

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